How Much Does it Cost to Place an Advert?

The cost of an advert depends on choices like the category, advert duration and whether the item is a classified advert or an auction. Many types of adverts are free to place but if there is a charge the cost of placing an advert and any optional extras available are clearly shown under “My Account/My Account Information”. 
Also as you build an advert,  “on the fly”, you can always clearly see the total cost and it's composition. Each advert will comprise of a listing fee and any additional extras that you select such as "featured" status, you can add or remove options as required.

How Does Payment Work?

Firsty it is totally secure, your data is safe. We use Braintree payments, a Paypal company that offers state of the art Payment services and very high levels of security for a market leading customer experience.
We aim to make payment as quick and easy as possible by providing a variety of options to suit all of our customers needs.
For your convenience, you can checkout quickly and easily by using the freeukclassifieds shopping cart, which allows you to make as many adverts as you need and pay for them all in one go. Using the shopping cart you can simply and quickly create all the adverts you need and then go back to edit or delete them as required before going through our Braintree checkout just once!
You can also elect to securely save encrypted payment details with Braintree for next time to save re-entering your information!

How Long Do Adverts Last?

It varies dependent upon the type of advert and the category of the advert, advert duration is always clearly shown when placing the advert, before payment. Some categories offer a choice of durations to provide choice, the longer durations always offer even better value.

Can Trade Advertisers advertise here?

Absolutely, we have already added some initial trade categories and welcome suggestions on how to develop the site further. We also offer Trade users many extra options such as the ability to link your adverts to your own website or subscribe to a freeukclassifieds website “Store”, which allows the seller to present their advertised items in a separate page or pages with their own branding and presentation. In addition we can offer fixed adverts to trade sellers on the home page and a variety of other highly visible locations across the site at very low rates. Please Contact Customer services to discuss your needs.

Do I Need To Register?

No,  you can freely use the website browse and contact sellers without being registered. You can even place an advert without registering on the site, although if you aren't registered sellers won't be able to contact you using the"Contact seller" onsite messaging and instead you will need to enter contact details in the optional fields when making an advert. We advise against publishing your email in adverts if possible since web crawlers will read it and you may get spam mail, also in some cases publishing your telephone number should also be carefully considered as sellers of high value items such as cars may receive  unwanted "canvassing" calls. However some customers may find this option works best for them and so it is possible.
Registering is highly recommended, as seller you still retain the option to publish contact information with an advert but also have the option to use onsite messaging for privacy and screening potential buyers. In addittion as a registered user you have access to promotions and many extra features such as auction bidding, saved favourites, email notification of saved searches, social media integration, email notification about auction counter bids, RSS Feeds and much more.

Can I Change My Advert?

Yes your advert can be edited at any time, except in the case of auctions which cannot be changed after the first bid. In the event of a problem please contact us.

Can I Mark My Item as Sold?

Yes, it just takes one click, go to “My Account/My Active Listings” find your item and click the icon next to it in the “Sold” column.

Can I Get A Refund?

Customers aren't entitled to refunds, furthermore once an item is paid for it is deemed to be used. However if you are the victim of fraudulent use of your payment cards please contact us within 10 days of the issue to request a refund, without prejudice any refunds will be entirely at the discretion of the management and may be in the form of credit and subject to an administration fee of £2.

What's Your Shipping Policy if I Order a Sign?

We want you to be happy with your customer experience on freeukclassifieds and will ship your sign as quickly as we can. Usually we will ship your sign within 1 working day and in not more than 3 working days. Remember that if you want to get a sign really fast you can print your own signs by following links on the website. "Print a Sign" is a highly visible general use sign that will clearly show that your item is for sale and where it can be found. In addition under "my account" you can print a sign or flyers for a specific item that you are listing, flyers are designed to be placed on noticeboards.